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Grow With Us Campaign:


Our "Grow with Us" campaign is designed to be a win-win for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We are proud to highlight New Jersey based businesses in our Small Business Saturday Business Spotlight, as well as offer them a place in our Marketplace Directory Listing. 

Check out our offers below: 

Small Business Saturdays "Business Spotlight":

Small Business Saturdays are a great way to show support for the local businesses that make up the backbone of our community. Every Saturday, we celebrate small businesses in New Jersey with a special Business Spotlight on our IG social platform! We recognize them for their hard work and dedication and are proud to celebrate the unique and diverse businesses that make up our state. Our first SBS campaign will run the month of April 2023!


Marketplace Directory:

The NJCCE Marketplace Listing is an online directory of New Jersey businesses. It provides an easy way for customers to find and connect with local businesses. The Marketplace features a wide range of businesses from small local shops to large corporations. It is a great resource for customers looking for products and services from within the state of New Jersey.  With hundreds of businesses listed, the NJCCE Marketplace is an invaluable resource for finding quality New Jersey based businesses.


With our featured campaigns, small businesses can benefit from increased visibility, connections with potential customers, and access to resources to help them grow their business. Investing in small businesses, can make a big difference in the local economy.

How It Works:

Our SBS "Business Spotlight" campaign is easy to join! Purchase a one-time promotion and your company will be featured on our Instagram Page with over 1,000+ followers. Our first SBS campaign will run the month of April 2023! To maximize your visibility, join our Marketplace directory with a one-time purchase valid for a full year. Start making connections and putting your business in the spotlight today!

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Small Business Saturday Business Spotlight

"Business Spotlight" Post on NJCCE's Instagram Page


  • 1 Instagram Post: Reel's re-post from active IG page

  • 1 Image or Video: Description of product or service

  • Ads / Promos are only posted on Saturday's Only

  • April 2023 Campaign - 4 Saturdays in month

Marketplace Directory

Online Business Directory


  • NJ business listed on MarketPlace Directory (1 year)

  • Short business description

  • Logo and link to business website

  • Featured in Quarterly Newsletter

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